Man and Van Collier Row, RM5

Collier Row is the place where you can get some of the best removal services in all of London. We are a locally based and operating Collier Row man and van company with traditions in providing high quality services on affordable prices to anyone from the area who needs our help.

Collier-Row-blue-vanOur experts are:

  • Licensed and insured.
  • Trained in accordance to the highest quality standards of the industry.
  • Drive a fleet of various modern removal vehicles.
  • Work on a flexible schedule and competitive prices.
  • Always up for a challenge.

We accept whatever type of payment is most comfortable for you – from credit cards and bank transfers to cash and invoicing. What is more, we will make sure to provide you with a free no obligation quote in advance, so that you can consider your budget properly even before you have decided to hire us for certain. All prices are calculated individually and we will do our best to fit your requirements and needs perfectly.

We can take up your project in its initial stages and carry it out until the very end. This means that we will readily help you pack your personal items, decoration and art, disassemble your furniture, load everything on one of our vehicles and drive them to the newly assigned destination. At this point our moving technicians will unpack and reassemble everything for you, leaving you to enjoy the full benefits of setting up your home at a new place.

Moving and other services in Collier Row, RM5

We offer single item furniture delivery, full house removals, as well as rubbish removals and packing supplies on some of the best prices and quality that is available in the area.

Ever since we have established our company years ago we have worked hard to become the best man and van Collier Row contactor operating in the district. The results we are able to present you with lead to one single conclusion – we managing to achieve that.

Get in touch with us via phone or e-mail in order to book your moving day with our specialists.

Collier-Row-RoadCollier Row is located just to the north of the more popular area of Romford. It is a comfortable suburban development, and even though its history can be traced back in time considerably (there are traces of habitation in the area that according to specialists are from the Roman period), it was the last several decades when the importance of Collier Row as a residential center of a substantial importance grew. The big housing estate which has been built here in the 1930s became the basis of what is today Collier Row. The most important entertainment and recreation center on the territory of Collier Row today is The City Pavilion, where local residents can enjoy a game of bowling, as well as other activities, and various other activities. Even though Collier Row is located close to the outskirts of the Greater London area, it enjoys good connections to the rest of the metropolitan area, as well as Inner London.