The Five Tallest Churches in the World

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 30th, 2023

Christian churches have always been some of the most fascinating structures in the world. Interestingly, these churches not only served as places of worship but also as indicators of the city’s wealth and architectural prowess. The race to build the world’s tallest church was as fervent as the modern competition to erect the world’s tallest building. Before the introduction of the skyscraper, some of these churches were amongst the tallest building in the world. Here are the tallest church edifices on the planet.

  1. Ulm-MinsterUlm Minster – Located in the German city of Ulm, it is the tallest church in the world and from 1890 to 1901 was the tallest building overall. The construction of the church commenced in 1377 and ended over five centuries later in 1890. Its steeple is 161...
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Several Peaceful Retreats around London

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 10th, 2023

When one thinks of London, one thinks about busy streets, constant hassle and stress, and flocks of tourists. Even if you have lived here for decades, you might be so fed up with all those things that you start considering calling your local man and van company, have all your stuff loaded on a van and moving to the countryside. While this may be a great way to escape the problems of the city, you should not be so quick to do it. Because, believe it or not, the capital has much more peaceful places hidden away from the noise and traffic of the main roads than you might have ever suspected. Apart from that if you wish you can get familiar with the safest boroughs in London.

The London Guide features a number of such places, some of the most appealingly looking among them being:

  • Locat...
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The Top 10 Places To Move To In London

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 10th, 2023

London is a city of opportunity. People move here from all over the world to chase their dreams, to study, or to start a family. However, for the uninitiated, not all of London is equal. Unfortunately, it can be best to avoid some specific areas altogether, where some areas are better suited for young professionals, and other places are best for seeing out retirement. The crime rate, transport links, amenities, and general vibe to the area will be all factors in your decision to move to the capital of the UK. Luckily, we at Get Man and Van know the city like the back of our hand and are here to help you make the right decision about where to move to if you are looking to live in London.

Richmond (For Those Who Want That Quintisential British Life)

You can find Richmond in south-...

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Moving Supplies Lingo

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 10th, 2023

Antistatic bubblewrap

As any other specific process, man and van property removals also have their own terminology, which also spills over to packing and wrapping supplies. When people think moving supplies, they usually picture stacks of boxes, different types of tape, markers etc. Indeed, these are all integral items in the list of moving supplies used by man and van removal people, but there are also less common, but rather interesting examples of equipment and materials which movers use on a daily basis.
Here are some of the more common items as well as their technical names and purpose:
Appliance Dolly – Generally, the dolly can be described as a small cart used for quick shifting of heavy or bulky items...

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Things to Know About Moving Fragile Items

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 7th, 2023

If you want to protect your valuables while you are moving your home, there are indeed a number of strategies that you can take up which are almost one hundred per cent guaranteed to eliminate the risk of damage and loss in the process.

When you pack fragile items when moving in London, it’s essential to have a clear plan. Start by gathering the necessary packing materials, including bubble wrap, packing tape, and high-quality cardboard boxes.

Take no chances with the transportation of your valuable goods. Instead, make the necessary effort to secure them and make your peace of mind a top priority. Using crumpled packing paper in the bottom of your packing boxes adds an extra layer of cushion for your breakable items...

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A Guide on How to Use Moving Straps Like a Pro

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 7th, 2023

Furniture pads, van ramps, belts, dollies and trolleys… there are so many types of moving equipment out there these days. But there is one simple tool that is particularly useful during a house, office or any other type of move – moving straps. Even trained removal experts swear by them which is why, if a relocation is in the picture for you, you need to arm yourself with this ingenious creation. But before putting the straps on, you need to learn why and how to use this useful tool.

The modern service of moving furniture and other household belongings has seen numerous innovations, but none have made such an impact as the introduction of furniture lifting straps. These tools not only make the process smoother but also prevent most potential damages to the items being moved...

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The Safest Boroughs in London

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 7th, 2023

When you are choosing the area that you will be moving into, there are quite a lot of things that you have to think about before you contact the man and van company to come move your boxes. For young professionals looking for affordable living close to Central London, the search for the right London borough is paramount. The overall safety of the place that you will be spending the foreseeable future in should be on the top of your priority list. We have taken the time to gather information for some of the safest boroughs in London so that you can make an easier and informed decision on that question.

The criteria for ranking the safest boroughs in London:

  1. Crime Statistics: Total reported crimes per 1,000 people, types of crimes, and crime per capita.
  2. Crime Clearance Rate: Perce...
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All You Need to Know to Move a Sofa Bed

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: September 19th, 2023

Not all people who move home decide to take their old furniture with them because their dimensions not always match those of the rooms of their new home or simply because they are too heavy and bulky which makes their handling difficult and their transportation expensive. That is particularly the case with sofa beds. The challenge of moving such pieces of furniture is that they are:

  • Heavier than standard sofas
  • Have a folding mechanism which can accidentally open when you try to lift them
  • Cannot be moved by only one person
  • Require the use of additional moving equipment to move

However, if you are not ready to part with your sleeper sofa yet, you can rely on the following tips when you are preparing, transporting and moving it.

Reduce the weight of the sofa

The first ...

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Can I hire men (helpers) just to load a van?

Author: Kim Jacobs

No matter whether you are moving from a small one-bedroom apartment to another, or you are literally moving houses, planning your relocation is a complex task. There are a lot of factors to consider, cost being among the most important ones. 

You might want to enlist some friends to help you with the packing and moving. Or you will be compelled to hire a reputable man and van company to handle every single detail of the project. Both options come with their pros and cons. 

Or, you might want to explore a middle way. You and your family or friends might handle the packing and unpacking of your goods, and leave the loading and unloading of the van to the trained professionals. 

Is This Possible?

The short answer is yes – no reputable man and van company will refuse a simple lo...

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Bedford Vehicles – Creators of the Original Luton Van

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: February 25th, 2023

FileBedford Six WLG

What has nowadays become one of the most popular trade and property removal vehicles ever – the Luton van, originated as a concept in the early decades of the twentieth century, on the drawing boards of famous British truck manufacturer Bedford Vehicles. The vehicle commonly known as a Luton van today, first appeared in nineteen thirty three in the form of a Bedford produced truck chassis simply known as a Bedford Two-ton van. There was no intentional designation as Luton van, but the name stuck as the Bedford plant producing the vehicles was located in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. The name Luton van was also popularised by the local hat straw industry – these trucks were used for transportation of straw hats hence Luton vans.

Bedford Vehicles – quick history

The principle owner of ...

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