Furniture Collection and Delivery – London

Get Man and Van provides customers with a specialised furniture delivery service as part of our comprehensive range of domestic and commercial removals. In the ever-growing market of furniture pick-up and transportation companies, our aim has always been to offer the best service possible. Our London collection service is the quick, safe and inexpensive way to have your new furniture delivered from point of purchase to an address of your choice.

At the time of booking your furniture collection and delivery service in London with us, we would like you to provide us with some information on your purchase, including number of pieces or approximate volume of items to be transported, the store where the purchase was made, as well as the destination where you need the furniture delivered. Being a specialist furniture removal company, we pride ourselves on offering furniture courier services that cater specifically to your needs. Previous customers have highlighted our reliable furniture courier service as a key reason for choosing us.

Flexible hours for booking and transportation

We will organise the furniture delivery for a suitable time and day of the week, specified by customers. We know that some retailers have a deadline for furniture purchases to be transported off the premises to customers, because of this it is best to secure your furniture delivery services with us a few days in advance. Having the right furniture courier service is essential, and with our white glove delivery services, we make sure that transporting furnishings is a seamless experience for our clients. Our furniture couriers are trained to handle all kinds of furniture, including delicate furniture, ensuring its safety throughout the process. The information you provide us prior to delivery will help us organise the moving furniture more efficiently and also dispatch the correct size transport vehicle.

Our fleet of Furniture Delivery Vehicles

In order to accommodate all size furniture collection and delivery requests in London, we maintain a fleet of purpose-built transport vehicles of variable size, wheelbase and payload capacity. When it comes to having to transport furniture, our vehicles are designed to offer maximum protection, ensuring that your items reach you in perfect condition. Obviously, we need to avoid damage during handling and transit at all cost, this is why our transport vehicles are fitted with all the necessary latching equipment, insulation and protective materials and wrappings. Heavier household loads will not be a problem as we also have vehicles fitted with hydraulic tail lifts.

Our transport vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation and tracked in real time using GPS. These allow for timely delivery without any costly delays as our drivers receive live updates on traffic and weather conditions – avoiding any hiccups along the way. Choosing a reputable firm among all furniture delivery companies is crucial, and as one of the top furniture transport services, our state-of-the-art tools and technologies set us apart.

Moves with couchAssembly and Disassembly of Furniture

We are all about comprehensive coverage and end to end servicing. As part of our furniture courier services, we also do assembly. Flat pack, as well as other similar designs require specialised assembly. Our cargo drivers are also experienced property furniture movers who have the technical skills and expertise to carry out the assembly of your new items properly and without risk of damage. With the rise of selling furnishings online, there’s an increasing demand for movers who transport furniture capable of also assembling it. We’re proud to offer this combined service, making us a one-stop-shop for all your new home decor needs. The assembly process will be done quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of disruption. Our drivers will be out of your way before you know it.

The furniture delivery and assembly service we provide is reasonably priced and gives you good value for money. We invite you to compare our  rates by asking for furniture delivery quotes and furniture courier quotes from other providers. Furthermore, we will save you the stress and hassle of having to do your own furniture transportation, plus we guarantee timely and intact delivery. By doing this we as a transport provider also save you a decent amount of money in fuel costs and of course time from travelling to and from point of purchase to destination.

Ebay Collections and Deliveries

For those who shop for unique and vintage pieces on eBay, ours is one of the best furniture delivery service that is tailored to meet your needs. eBay furniture online can often be located in various parts of the city or even across the country. Our dedicated team ensures that your eBay purchases are collected safely and delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition. Trust us to simplify your eBay home decor shopping experience with timely and reliable delivery services for each valuable item that you buy online.

Availability 7 days a week

The service can be requested for any day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays as long as the furniture store or retailer is also open for business and available for collections. Whether you’re moving items from a store or couriering furniture to another location, our collection and delivery team is ready to assist. It is highly recommended to book your service with at least two days’ prior notice for a hassle free process.