Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS- by accepting our price estimate and booking our man and van services YOU ARE AGREEING TO OUR TERMS & CONDITONS. Therefore you are obligated to follow and respects our TERMS & CONDITONS, part of which are the posted below, unless you EXPLICITLY express otherwise by contacting us upon receiving our TERMS & CONDITIONS.






NUMBER OF REMOVALISTS – The number of vans and drivers that will be send to you is determined by the volume and quantity of items that you have declared for removal, unless you EXPLICITLY don’t request a particular number of vans and drivers.

PRICE ESTIMATE- The estimate rate is PRICE PER TWO HOURS for (number of men) for up to (amount of time). The estimate price is based on the information that YOU have provided us and the estimate of time that it will take us to complete the job. The additional time charge rate is PRICE PER HOUR per hour.

PRICING PER HOUR AND PAYMENT- The estimate one hour rate is PRICE PER HOUR for one driver and one van. The MINIMAL amount of time for a service is TWO HOURS. The time is summed upon the completion of the project with the service time being ROUNDED UP TO THE CLOSEST HALF HOUR. Charge time begins UPON THE ARRIVAL OF THE FIRST DRIVER AND VAN.

PAYMENT METHOD- The accepted payment methods are CASH and CREDIT/DEBIT CARD payments.


We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


PREPARING FOR RELOCATION- The preparation for the removal is YOUR responsibility, unless you have EXPLICITLY requested and paid for packing services. PLEASE NOTE: The premises must be properly prepared.

PREPARATIONS- The preparation for the removal includes (but is not limited to) packing all items declared for removal and PROPERLY SEALING AND SECURING all boxes, bag, suitcases and etc that will be moved. Granting EASY ACCESS to our team of removalists to the items that are going to be moved. ALL ITEMS which weren’t initially declared and are going to be moved are SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL CHARGES which will be in accordance to our hourly rates.

PREPAYMENT- Prepayment is something required. In such cases a PART or the ENTIRE QUOTED PRICE is to be given to the driver before the commencement of the relocation. Any additional charges due to prolonged time or undeclared items are paid upon the completion of the project.

COMPLAINS & PROBLEMS- Problem with the condition of the moved items should be reported before the commencement of the removal. Any complains about the condition of the items after the removal should be reported before the completion of the project. Any DAMAGES (scratches, breakages, holes, and so on) and LOSES on both the premises and moved items, must be taken to the attention of our team of removalist before the completion of the project. Once you make the final payment it is considered that you are AGREEING with the manner by which the project was handled and therefore you DON’T HAVE any complains.

Our man and van company (Get Man and Van Ltd.) does not oblige itself with completing a project within any timetable or before a specified moment in time. Our company will NOT BE HELD liable for delays caused by unforeseen events and reasons independent of us (weather conditions, closed roads, road traffics, difficult access to the premises of the removal or delivery and etc.). We are not responsible for any missed deadlines, as all removals and services are executed as quickly as possible, but we DO NOT give any guarantee of completion time.

SUPPLEMENTARY FEES (including packing services) that are not mentioned in the quote are NOT included in the QUOTE PRICE that is due by our client. Such fees include (but are not limited to) parking fees, congestion charge and any other fees that is related to the execution and completion of the project. It is YOUR obligation to COVER or REIMBURSE US for these fees before the completion of the project.

CANCELLATION & REFUND – In the event of service cancellation by the customer, we reserve the right to charge a £20 service cancellation fee. Refunds are only issued in the event of unexpected circumstances which would make it impossible for the moving team to be on site and complete the service. 

We reserve our right to use the logo of any company or organization using our services in the customers section of our company website.