Furniture Removals in London

furniture moved and placedProfessional furniture removal is one of Get Man and Van’s specialised man and van services in London. We have turned furniture removal into art and have dedicated much time, effort and resources into perfecting this particular service option.

We have been an active part of the industry for long enough to know how important safe and efficient furniture removal is for both private and commercial customers. We understand that certain pieces of furniture hold special value to their owners. Some furniture is unique, custom made or antique – all of which are factors which should influence your choice and make us your preferred furniture movers.

How do we go about moving your furniture safely and efficiently from A to B?

First of all we collect important information on the type, size, weight, volume and pieces of furniture you need shifted. These details are essential as they help us determine the right type of vehicle needed for the job and the necessary number of people. Naturally, we will also need details on where the furniture is being delivered, how soon you need it delivered etc.

Comprehensive furniture removal

If the removal task at hand is more complex or specific, we might suggest a preliminary viewing or job survey conducted by one of our London furniture logistics specialists. This will help us determine how to go about securing, packing, shifting and loading your furniture on removal day – especially important when moving antique or irreplaceable pieces of furniture. Customers need to be advised that for safety purposes, certain pieces of furniture may have to be disassembled. Of course, every piece or part will be labelled, numbered and packed individually for later reassembly. Our qualified furniture delivery people in London will reassemble everything diligently and carefully upon arrival.

On removal day, we will arrive on time, bearing all the necessary equipment and packing materials. Our movers will quickly and carefully handle the prep work like packing and securing. We will do the furniture loading with utmost care and precision in order to avoid any damage to furniture pieces or the premises.

Safest moving vehicles in London

The removal vehicles we use for furniture moving in London are purpose-built and fully equipped for the job. Lifting and securing heavy pieces of furniture will be no problem – we got vans fitted with tail lifts and mountable hoists. All vans are cleaned thoroughly and restocked with removal blankets, belts and protective packing materials. Vehicles make use of GPS navigation and can be tracked in real time.

Movers loading furnitureIn case your next residential or commercial property is not quite ready to receive you and your furniture yet, please bear in mind we also offer specialised storage solutions. This means we can keep your furniture safe and secured for the time being, and deliver it to an address of your choice when you are good and ready.

Cost wise, our furniture delivery service will not be a problem for your budget. We keep our service prices within moderation and have no interest in overcharging customers. The quotations we give are fair, individually prepared and reflective of the scale, complexity and distance of the removal.

Our prices are flexible and customised at per job basis. This is done in order to meet customer budget requirements in full, and give them the necessary cost efficiency.

With us there will be no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges – what you are quoted is what you pay, clear and simple.

The furniture removal service is available for booking by residential and commercial customers seven days a week, under flexible hours which work around personal schedules and daily commitments. Generally, we don’t require prior notice in order to organise the service, but we would like so if the task at hand is of substantial proportions.