Rubbish Removal In London

Time to part ways with old junk taking up valuable living space at home? Need to clear out some extra room in the office for a more productive and efficient work day? Not a problem – we offer a fully licensed, affordable rubbish removal service to all private and business customers across Greater London.

All that rubbish, gone in a jiffy!

We are licensed and qualified to deal with the removal and disposal of all types of nonhazardous domestic and commercial property waste, including but not limited to:

  • General household and office junk, including small bits and pieces of clutter;
  • Post renovation and after builders rubbish, leftover construction supplies;
  • Redundant appliances & disused furniture;
  • Green waste / garden refuse;
  • Old office equipment & furniture, all types of WEEE;

There is no limit as to how much or how little rubbish we can dispose of, so whether you have a single old wardrobe that needs to go, or have to give the marching orders to the entire property contents, we can make it happen, no fuss, no stress. We can also arrange for full property clearances at very reasonable prices.

Quick and efficient service

Rubbish PileOur specialised man and van hire in London give you flexibility and convenience. We can visit you in a suitable time and day of the week, including bank holidays. We work with trained and experienced technicians who are able to round up and get rid of junk from anywhere on the premises including hard reaching spots like attics, basements and gardening sheds. For optimal efficiency and no delays we would require adequate vehicle access to the property.

Keepin’ it green

We consider ourselves to be an environmentally aware operation and as such we ensure responsible means of disposal for all rubbish we collect. Recyclables and salvageable items are separated from general waste stream for processing at respective treatment depots. By request customers can be supplied back with valid waste transfer notes.

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