Student removals

We are a man and van company that provides dependable and highly affordable student relocation services. By using our services you will be able to move easily from your parent’s house to your dorm room or student residence.

We provide our student removals as a standalone service because our experience in the removal business has shown us that domestic removals and student removals don’t have the same dynamics and therefore cannot be treated in the same manner.

Today we are the favorite moving company of the local students because they know that we will provide them top rate removal services and move their belongings from point A to point B in a speedy and smooth manner. Know that we always try to provide to our clients services that go above and beyond their expectations because we truly believe that our clients deserve nothing less that immaculate man and van services.

Take note that we are a fully insured man and van company. We have insured all our services including our student removal services because we want our clients to have the peace of mind that they will get reimbursed in the case of an accident. Please take into account that up to now our insurance policy has only served the purpose of a safety net because we have never had any accident of any kind. In fact we are the only man & van company in the city that has a 100% accident-free ratio.

College StudentsAlso we won’t have any troubles relocating your furnishings because we have all the needed tools to easily lift and load your furniture. Don’t be alarmed if your furnishings are bulky because our professional movers have the necessary tools and know-how to easily disassemble your furnishings and reassemble them once your student removal is over.

Best rates for student and college removals in London

Our student removals are highly affordable because our man with van in London don’t work with a fixed pricelist. Instead we based our prices on the individual specs of each student relocation project for which we are hired. We have chosen to use this pricing method because:

  1. We truly believe that it is the fairest pricing method
  2. It protect our clients from us overpricing our services
  3. It protect us from under-pricing services
  4. It allows us to provide to our clients excellent services at cost effective prices

Bear in mind that that we accept all types of payment such as cash payment, wire transfers and credit card payments. We will also provide you an invoice with detailed information about the moving services that you have received.

To see for yourself that we do indeed provide the most reliable and cost effective student removals give us a call as soon as you can and we will provide you your personalized free quote. Just a small piece of advice before you open your quote and read it, sit down because you will get dizzy by the immense amount of services that you will receive and the reasonable price for which you will receive them.