Packing Service & Materials delivery in London

Packed/Wrapped furniture and other items

Packing is probably the most strenuous and time consuming task that you are going to face when you are carrying out your home or office removal. At Get Man and Van we try to make the process of relocation as easy and hassle free for you as possible, and that is precisely why we have tailored a modern, highly efficient packing service you can count on no matter whether your moving project is domestic or commercial, big or small.

Why book a professional Packing Service

Understanding that packing and moving can be overwhelming, we provide a comprehensive service that covers both packing and unpacking. Our movers will handle your removals with care, and if any tenancy cleaning is needed, we coordinate that in advance for a seamless transition. This unique membership ensures that you are never held responsible for the minute details of packing – our team of packers and movers takes full accountability, using gps systems to monitor your belongings throughout the process, and paper to itemize and track every packed box.

Moving boxes delivered at your doorstep

To further facilitate your move, we offer a range of packing boxes, tailored to suit all your belongings, ensuring that everything from your delicate glassware to bulky furniture is securely packed.

Experience and Training matters when in need of Packing Services in London

Our trained, licensed and very experienced technicians, who are fully insured and operate with state of the art supplies and tools that guarantee optimal results with minimum effort and time invested are ready to:

  • Come to your place and carefully pack every single item – furniture, personal objects and equipment – using high quality packing materials – wrapping, boxes etc.
  • Our packing process is meticulous, using bubble wrap and packing paper to protect your fragile items, ensuring they are safe and secure.
  • Help you disassemble your furniture and provide you with indispensable advice on how it should be properly packed.
  • In addition to our full packing service London, we also offer partial packing service, allowing you to choose how much assistance you need.
  • Provide you with the wrapping, boxes and other packing materials needed so that you can finish the job on your own.
Packed furniture and boxes

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, our professional movers and packers are available to handle everything, offering a complete packing and moving service that covers all aspects of your moving process. You can make use of our packing services in London no matter whether or not you are going to hire us a man and van company for your upcoming removal. We will either do the packing for you, or provide you with the materials required. Naturally, the best option (and one that we advise on) is that you make use of our full set of packing and moving services, that include in addition to the physical relocation of your items in one of our clean and safety proofed vans, packing services with high quality materials too.

Safe, professional packing solutions in London

Our office packing service is specifically designed for commercial clients, ensuring that your business’s move is smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption. We use specialized wrapping materials and packaging materials to safeguard all types of office equipment and furniture.

The benefits of proper packing are countless. It will ensure your move is carried out quickly and easily, and also that your items are safe during the transportation process. There are many little tricks of the trade that our experts know, so it would be a good idea to get in touch with them for help.

The wardrobe boxes that we work with are perfect for transporting clothing, keeping your garments neat and wrinkle-free. Alongside, our unpacking service is available to help you settle into your new space effortlessly. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or e-mail for expert advice on how to do your packing properly. Our polite helpful customer support experts are available for contact 24/7 on the phone numbers that are provided here, or online via the online contact form you are going to find on a separate section of this website. For more substantial moves, our movers and packers team offers a separate service, ensuring that all packing supplies, wrapping paper and removals boxes are of the highest quality for a reliable packing experience.

Additionally, we provide a range of moving boxes, each designed for different household items, ensuring great service and protection of your possessions throughout the moving process.

Availability on your Moving Day

When it comes to moving house, you deserve the assurance that your belongings are professionally packed. Our moving company is staffed with experienced packers who use premium packing materials, like stretch wrap and vinyl tape, to secure your items. Fine art and valuable items are given extra attention and cushioned with moving blankets and placed in sturdy boxes to prevent any damage. We also offer full insurance for a worry-free relocation, ensuring that your items packed are always protected. Same day service is available to meet urgent packing needs, making us an unrivaled choice for your moving day.

Booking Packing Service in London is Easy with us

Get in touch with us today for booking and a free quote, as well as purchasing the best quality of all the packing materials imaginable.