6 remarkable caves that are worth visiting

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: February 22nd, 2016

Generally caves are dark, humid, moist and unattractive places that don’t attract visitors. However not all caves are the same, as some of them are incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Here are some of the most amazing ones in the world.

Eisriesenwelt-CaveEisriesenwelt Cave – Located in Austria it is the largest ice cave in the world with a length of approximately 50 kilometres. The cave was discovered in 1879 and has numerous interconnected chambers. The ice formations that cover the cave’s walls are in different colours due to the diverse mineral content of the walls.

Fantastic Cave Pit – This fascinating cave is situated in Ellison Caves, nearby Lafayette Georgia. It is 178.6 metres deep, which makes it the deepest cave in the United States. The cave is so deep that it is big enough to hold the Washington Monument. The Fantastic Cave Pit isn’t open to the public and only licensed climbers are allowed to explore it.

Grotto Azzura – This is perhaps the most famous cave in the world. Located in the Italian city of Capri, it is one of the country’s most visited natural landmarks. It’s a half-flooded sea cave and has an eerie blue light that gives to it a one of kind atmosphere. Also everything that is immersed into the water appears silver, due to the bubbles in the water. During the Roman era, it was a common belief that the grotto was the home of the sirens. Devils and nereids.

Lascaux Caves – These caves aren’t famous because of their unique formations and astonishing sizes but due to their Paleolithic art which dates back to an estimate of 17.300 years. The cave paintings depict large animals known to exist in the area due to fossillised evidence. The Lascaux Caves are recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The caves have been close to the public since 1963 in order to preserve the pre-historic artwork.

Wisteria Tunnel – Approximately 150 wisteria plants of at least 20 species are grown in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. The plants bloom in white, purple, blue, pink or violet-blue and create an astonishing mood in Wisteria Tunnel. The best time to visit this cave is from late April to mid-May as the plants tend to come into flower at that time of the year.

Chislehurst Caves – This complex of caves is 22 kilometres long and is located in the eponymous London area of Chislehurst. The caves are amongst the city’s most visited and prominent natural landmarks. During the events of World War II the caves were used as a shelter against the German air raids. During that time an estimate of 15.000 people lived in the caverns and had created a chapel and hospital within the underground complex. Make sure that you visit the Chislehurst Caves once you have completed your move via man and van services. Don’t be shy into seeking the help of a man and van company as it can drastically facilitate your relocation.

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