British Islands That Are Ideal for a Family Vacation

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: October 12th, 2015

Beyond the shores of Great Britain are located some of the most beautiful European islands. In fact these islands are so amazing that they tend to attract numerous tourists on a yearly basis. Here is a list of the most popular British isles.

  1. Anglesey – This island is separated from Wales by the Menai Straight and is home to some of Britain’s most amazing castles. Anglesey is also one of the most picturesque British islands and offers some of the finest views of the Celtic Sea and Great Britain. The island is extremely popular amongst water sports enthusiasts as it offers a wide range of diverse activities related to water sports.
  2. Mull – The island of Mull is known for its lush and green untouched landscaped. The place is a mixture of nature and history. The main landmark is the mountain of Ben More. The path that leads to the mountain’s summit is a world famous hiking path. From the mountain’s top travelers can witness the fascinating hills of the island, which is also covered with caves that are full of painting of the scenery. Some of the cave paintings are thousands of years old.
  3. Isle of Man – It lies between England and Ireland and is considered to be one of the most unique island in Europe and the world. The island is also the venue of the popular Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Race, which attract motorcycling aficionados from all over the world. The Isle of Man has a hilly interior which means that it offers to its visitors both the opportunity to stay at the beach and work on their tan or go hiking some of Britain’s most beautiful hills.
  4. Orkney Islands – Orkney is an archipelago which is home to several UNESCO World Heritages Sites. They are located off the Scottish coast and are known throughout the world for their stunning beaches and one of a kind festivals. The most noted landmark of the archipelago is St. Magnus Cathedral which dates back to the 13th century.
  5. St. Kilda – Recognised as a UNESCO World Reserve, St. Kilda is home to Britain’s highest coastline cliffs. The island is known for its mesmerising scenery that resembles a Jurassic era landscape. St. Kilda is also the location of some of the oldest remaining Bronze and Iron Age ruins.
  6. Isle-of-TireeIsle of Tiree – This island has been voted on numerous occasions as the best British summer camping island. Its climate is warm due to its close proximity to the Gulf Stream. Isle of Tiree is also a favorite location for ornithologists as it is home to several rare species of birds.

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Honourable mentions: Isles of Scilly, Isle of Sark, Rathlin Island and Lindisfarne.

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