The Centuries Old Spa City of Bath

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: January 8th, 2015

Not many people know it but England is one of the most visited countries in the world. And while London is the most visited city in the country, it isn’t the only city that attracts travelers from all over the world. According to recent studies there are currently 13 cities in England that attracts more than one million tourists every year and one of these cities is the city of Bath.

Bath, EnglandBath is part of Somerset and is located in South West England at approximately 156 kilometres from London. At the moment the city has an estimate population of 90,000 people. Bath is one of England’s oldest cities as it dates back to Roman times. In 60 AD the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of the River Avon. At the time the city was known as Aquae Sulis which literally translated from Latin means “the waters of Sulis”.

The city of Bath became a highly popular spa town during the Georgian era. This explains the presence of numerous Georgian style buildings in the city. In 1987 the city was recognized as a World Heritage Site and since then has become one of England’s and Europe’s most visited cities. According to the latest numbers the city of Bath is visited by approximately four million people on a yearly basis.

Today the city is home to numerous prominent theaters, museums and other cultural sites. The Theatre Royal is currently the most famous theatre there. The theatre is over 200 years old and is one of the most important theatres in the United Kingdom. The Theatre Royal was officially opened in 1805 and was rebuild approximately 60 years later in 1863. The theatre is built in the provincial style and has a capacity of 900 spectators. Other well-known theatres within the city of Bath are Ustinov Studio, Mission Theatre, Rondo Theatre and the Egg.

As we aforementioned the city is home to numerous notable museums including the Museum of East Asian Art. The museum opened doors in 1993 and showcases an immense collection of items that from 5000 BCE to present day. The Fashion Museum is another highly visited museum of the city. The museum displays fashionable dresses for men, women and children that date from the 16th century to present day. At the moment the museum displays a collection of over 30,000 objects including embroidered shirts and gloves that are over 1600 years old.

As you can see the city of Bath has a lot to offer to its visitors. In fact that city is so amazing that some people, including yourself might actually consider moving permanently. Aside of having excellent touristy accommodations the city is also very well organized and provides the entire range of public services to its population. This means that if you decide to return to the city as a resident of the city you won’t have a hard time finding a man and van company to lend you a hand with your move. Aside of being the location of numerous man and van companies the city of Bath is also home to some of England’s finest school and medical institutions

So you can be more than certain that you will live in a good life in the city of Bath if you decide to move to the city.

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