Eco-Friendly Gadgets Which You Can Use to Ease Up Your Move

Author: Kim Jacobs All about moving and London

Today we will turn your attention on several eco-friendly traveling gadgets which can drastically ease your life if you use them while you are relocating from one home to another.

  • Eco-friendly luggage – Technically this is not a gadget but a traditional suitcase which is made from recycled materials. Such suitcases are just as reliable and durable as suitcases that are made from traditional materials. So if you are worried about unwanted tears and leakages don’t be because we guarantee you that your belongings will be in total safety.
  • solar-panel-charger-mainSolar paneled charger – Since you will be moving you will most likely make the common mistake of packing your cell phone, laptop and tablet chargers with your other belongings. This automatically means that you won’t be able to charge your digital devices once their battery dies. However if you take a solar paneled charger with you, you will be able to do so because this charge uses the energy of the sun to charge the device to which it is connected.
  • Shake up torch – These smart devices are battery-free torchlights which provide a great amount of light when they are shook. Usually 30 seconds of shaking equals to five minutes of illumination. So the more you shake them the more light you will have.
  • Bamboo blankets – Yes, bamboo can be used for the fabrication of blankets and believe it or not they are quite comfortable. You can use such blankets to cover the beds in your new home if you don’t have the necessary time or you are simply too tired to unpack your beddings.
  • Water powered digital clock – This is a clock which unlike normal clocks isn’t powered by electricity or batteries but water. The best thing about this clock is that it has the same accuracy and functionality as traditional clocks and more important has an alarm which you can use to wake up in the morning in the case that you have packed your alarm clock in one of the many boxes.
  • Portable eco-friendly speakers – These speakers are made from recycled materials and are small enough to be easily moved in a backpack or handbag. Simply attach the speaker to your cell phone, tablet or laptop and you will have a means to listen to music while you unpack your stereo system.

Now that you know about these great and helpful devices, head to your local supermarket and purchase them. Once you are done, pull up your sleeves and start scouting your area for a man with van company that provides moving services. You will need the help of a professional man with van company because relocations aren’t as easy as you may think and more importantly because by using such services you will be able to complete your move much more quickly.

Once your move is over, don’t dispose of these items and lock them in a drawer which you never open. Instead use them during your travels because they are indeed very handy to have.