Greatest British Generals

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: September 7th, 2015

Britain has fought numerous battles and has emerged from them victors because of brilliant leaders who have commanded their men meticulously. Here some of the greatest generals in British history.

Henry-RawlinsonHenry Rawlinson – Rawlinson was a First World War General who led troops in the Battle of Somme and the Battle of Amiens. He was the first general in history to conduct a night battle and to combine arms operations. During the Battle of Amiens which is also known as “the Black Day of the German Army” he commanded forces which comprised of infantry, mass artillery, mass cavalry and aerial support. Today Henry Rawlinson, 1st Baron Rawlinson is known as the father of modern battlefield tactic and is considered a pioneer in the science of warfare.

Edmund Allenby – Another British general that fought in World War I, Allenby is regarded as one of the finest and most successful leaders in warfare history. After fighting for two years on the Western Front, Allenby was reassigned to the Middle-East where he reorganised the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. He also moved his headquarters closer to the battlefield, a move that won him the ultimate respect of his troops. He also financed T.E Lawrence’s campaign to unite the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire. Allenby’s greatest victory was achieved at Megiddo.

Douglas Haig – Douglas Haig is one of the most controversial men in British military history. He was known as a general that kept a wide distance between the battlefield and him and didn’t care about his troops. However he is also the British general that made the British Armies the most mechanised force in the world. He also emphasised on the usage of tanks instead of the outdated cavalry. It was him that achieved Britain’s biggest victory in WWI as he won the Hundred Days Offensive.

Robert Clive – Also known as Clive of India it he that ensured the British dominance in India. He fought in the Seven Years War and defeated the coalition between French forces and Siraj Ud Daulah, the last Nawab of Bengal during the Battle at Plassey. Aside of being a great tactician and army organiser, he was also an amazing politician who won most of his battles on the political table instead of the battlefield.

John Churchill – A great-great-great-parent of Winston Churchill, John Churchill is beyond any doubt the greatest general in British history. His most notable victories were during the battles of Oudenarde, Ramilles and Blenheim. He managed to turn the British army into a force to be reckoned with and to augment the British influence on the European continent.

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Other notable British generals who have won great battles are, Arthur Wellesley, Herbert Plumer, Alan Brooke, William Slim and Bernard Montgomery.

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