Notable ships from the Royal Navy

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: August 31st, 2015

The United Kingdom has always had one of the most redoubtable navies in the world. The Royal Navy played an immense role into the establishment of the British Empire and has always produced some of the world’s finest ships. Here are some of the most prominent ships of the Royal Navy.

The galleon known as Ark Royal was the flagship that led the English fleet against the Spanish Armada. The ship was originally ordered by Sir Walter Raleigh and was late purchased by the crown to serve in the Tudor Navy. The Ark Royal was launched and commissioned in 1587 and was used by the navy for a total of five decades. The ship had a crew of 268 sailors, 100 soldiers and 32 gunners to serve the 55 cannons. The galleon is so famous that several later warships of the Royal Navy have been named Ark Royal in her honour.

The Revenge was another English galleon involve in the battles against the Spanish Armada. The ship was launched in 1577 and served in the Raid of Cadiz, Battle of Gravelines, Drake-Norris Expedition and Frobisher Expedition. In 1591 the Revenge was captured by the Spanish and was sunk around the Azores soon after. Since then a total for 13 English and Royal Navy ships have borne the name.

The HMS Endeavour also known as the HMS Bark Endeavour was a research vessel for the British Royal Navy. The ship was under the command of famous explorer Lieutenant James Cook. It was with the HMS Endeavour that Cook traveled to Australia and New Zealand from 1769 to 1771. The ship launched in 1764 and was acquired and commissioned by the navy in 1768 as Ear of Pemboke. In 1774 the ship was decommissioned and one year later was renamed to Lord Sandwich and sold. In 1778 the ship was scuttled. The wreck of the ship has never been located by several relics from the HMS Endeavour including the anchor and six cannons have been discovered throughout the years and displayed in various museums all over the world.

Nelson’s flagship the HMS Victory is currently the oldest warship that is still in commission. The ship was ordered in 1758 and launched seven years later in 1765. The HMS Victory was commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1778. The ship is most known for her part in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. In 1922 the ship was moved to a dry dock in Portsmouth and was preserved as a museum ship. Ninety years late the HMS Victory was made the flagship of the First Sea Lord.

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Other famed ships from the Royal Navy are: the HMS Warspite which took part in both World Wars, HMS Invincible which took part in the Yugoslav Wars and the Second Gulf War and Golden Hind flagship of Sir Francis Drake.

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