The Most Expensive Streets in Britain

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: June 22nd, 2015

Here is a list of some of the most expensive places to purchase a property on the territory of Britain, according to the Daily Telegraph:

  • Kensington-Palace-GardensKensington Palace Gardens, London W8. Located in the western section of Inner London, this street is home to some of the most expensive properties in the world. The fact that the average price for a house here is 19.2 million GBP speaks for itself.
  • The Boltons is also located in London, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The street is divided into two crescents to the west and east with large expensive houses and communal gardens in the centre. Average price for a house here – the humble 13,318,369 GBP.
  • For just a bit over 10.5 million GBP you can get yourself a nice home on Frognal Way in Camden. There is no need to explain why the central location, the perfect way out and the economical importance of the district affect the price of properties here so much.
  • Compton Avenue in Highgate also makes it on the top of the list, with 8 million GBP average price of a property here.
  • The Park Palace Villas in W2 have all the amenities, the nicely maintained environment and magnificent homes to justify the average price for a property here of over 7.8 million GBP.
  • Courtenay Avenue in Headstone, Harrow (N6) is the suburban paradise for which you have dreamed all your life. You can get a home here for a little over 7 million GBP.
  • Mansera Road in Chelsea used to be known for the Trafalgar Studios. Today it is one of the most desirable places of residence in the district and the Royal Borough as a whole, which makes the fact that an average home here costs more than 6.6 million GBP easily explainable.
  • Victoria Road in Dagenham has been named after the stadium which is home grounds of Dagenham & Redbridge F.C. Today the stadium bears another name, but the street remains – not only one of the most popular in the area, but the most expensive too. The price of a home here can easily reach six and a half million GBP.

As you can see, all of the streets named on the list of most expensive roads in Britain are actually in London. This fact cannot come as a surprise, since the capital is very well known as being one of the most expensive cities in the world as a whole. The rest of the country cannot compete with it – at least not in prices.

You can rest assured that when a man and van company receives a call for a moving to some of those place, they know what to expect. It is part of the job of the people in the man and van industry to know their geography well. It is always a pleasure to get a touch of the magnificent life that those places are supposed to be related to.

About the Author:

Kim Jacobs is a removals coordinator with over 11 years of experience as part of the Get man and van team and other firms in the home and office relocation industry in London. Before joining our company, Kim has worked in various logistical and transportation companies and institutions such as Transport for London, The Removals Ombudsman, and has coordinated moving projects with some of the biggest suppliers of various goods such as IKEA, HomeBase, Amazon, Sainsbury's and others. While working as a chief removals coordinator, Kim also enjoys sharing her expertise with others through writing in our blog.

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