The Historic City of York, Home of York Castle

Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: February 27th, 2015

The city of York is the second most visited city in England after London. York is a historic walled city that is situated at the confluence of the rivers of Oure and Foss. The city lies in the northern parts of the country and according to historic records was founded in 71 AD and was known as Eboracum.

York RiversideToday the city has a population of 197,800 people and a density rate of 1,780 people per square mile. While it is not one of England’s bigger or most populous cities, the city of York is a top tourist destination due to the city’s rich cultural and historic heritage. Throughout the years York has played a major role in the development of England and more important has been a significant part of England’s and the UK’s political history.

York Castle which is also known as Clifford’s Tower is undoubtedly the most famous landmark of the city. The castle dates back to the 12th century and for centuries has been one of England’s strongest fortifications. The castle was severely damaged by an explosion during the late 17th century and was later converted into a jail and prison. The castle served the purpose of a correctional facility until the late 1920s. Today York Castle is used as a museum and is one of England’s most visited castles and landmarks.

The York Minster is another high prolife landmark of the city. The minster is the official seat of the Archbishop of York and is amongst the largest cathedral of northern Europe. The York Minster is one of the oldest churches in England. The central tower of the minster is 61 meters high, while the western tower is 53 meters tall. The current bishop of the minster is John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu who is the 97th Archbishop of York.

The Yorkshire Museum is beyond any doubt the most visited museum in the city of York. The museum was established in 1830 and currently has four permanent exhibitions covering the topics of biology, astronomy, geology and archeology. The most notable relic displayed in the museum is the Cawood Sword. The sword is over 1,000 years old and is one of the finest Viking swords ever discovered. The sword has been part of the museum’s collection since 2007.

As you see the city of York is a travelers dream as it has everything that tourists like to visit and see. So if you have recently moved to the United Kingdom, don’t wait long to visit the city of York. In fact a trip to the historic city of York can be the ideal way to relax after a time and energy consuming man and van project. On the other hand if you have still not moved to England, you should consider the city of York as a potential destination to commence your new life. All the more you won’t have any problems with the relocation as there are numerous moving companies that provide man and van services to the city of York.

Another prominent landmark within the city is the University of York which is one of the finest higher education facilities in England and Europe. So if you are an upcoming student you should most certainly apply to study in this fine university.

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