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Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: December 26th, 2017

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The dynamics between hunting for a house and an apartment are poles apart. There are different things that you should consider and notice before you agree on signing a rental agreement. There are six pointers that you will find extremely helpful during your flat scouting.

  1. Don’t rely only on ads in the newspapers and internet

While surfing through websites and reading the real estate section of the newspapers is an effective way to find an apartment, it isn’t the only mean by which you can search for a home. You should share with your friends and relatives that you are looking to move to a new flat, so that they can ask their neighbours, co-workers and acquaintances if they know of a place that you can lease. Studies show that word to mouth is the best way to find good and affordable rental units.

Water flow is important

  1. Test the shower

The ideal apartment has perfect water pressure. So, before you make a final decision, head to the bathroom during the visitation and run the shower for a couple of minutes, just to be  make sure that it is running smoothly. After all, there is nothing more disappointing than renting a property, which will force you to bathe under a trickle for the duration of your lease.

  1. Move during the colder months of the year

Relocating during the winter is the best way to find an amazing place at a more reasonable rate. It is like this because the real estate market is at its lowest during November, December and January, and therefore rental fees are much more affordable. This tip is especially helpful to people you are moving a tight budget, as they can use the saved money to hire professional movers such as Get Man and Van that provided insured house removal services in London. By doing so, they won’t have to carry out their relocation on their own and will have the peace of mind that all their belongings will be brought to them in a quick and safe manner.

  1. Check the interiors of the kitchen cabinetry, closets and drawers

Stack of utility billsMany people many the common mistake of not inspecting the inside of all cupboards, built-in wardrobes and cabinets, but a quick check can save them a lot of trouble. Look for holes, cracks and other tiny damages that may indicate that rodents and insects can access the cabinetry. If you notice such features, have your landlord fix them before you agree to rent the flat.

  1. Make sure your furniture will fit

Measure your furnishings and make sure that they will not only fit into your new apartment but also in the elevator or staircase of the block. Measure the doors and the aforementioned areas during your visitation and if the numbers don’t add up, simply move to the next property unless you are willing to purchase new furniture.

Ask around about heating and electricity expanses

  1. Double check your landlord’s quote for the utility bills

Knock on the door of the adjacent flat and ask the tenants what are their average electricity and heating bills, just to make sure that the property owner is not trying to fool you.

About the Author:

Kim Jacobs is a removals coordinator with over 11 years of experience as part of the Get man and van team and other firms in the home and office relocation industry in London. Before joining our company, Kim has worked in various logistical and transportation companies and institutions such as Transport for London, The Removals Ombudsman, and has coordinated moving projects with some of the biggest suppliers of various goods such as IKEA, HomeBase, Amazon, Sainsbury's and others. While working as a chief removals coordinator, Kim also enjoys sharing her expertise with others through writing in our blog.

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