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Author: Kim Jacobs | Last modified on: December 26th, 2017

UK post office

Removal is a complex process that includes planning, packing, moving items, then unpacking, getting to know your neighbourhood and your neighbours, etc. There is also an important task to complete once you decide to move: you need to let others know about your removal. This is an important factor of every move because if you do not do it on time, you might have certain problems, like misplaced mail if the post office isn’t notified about your new address. Therefore, find time to complete this task and let others know that you are moving to a new location.


You are obligated to notify your utility providers about your removal. If you want to have power, cable or phone service at your new place, you have to contact the providers and let them know that you are switching everything to a new home. You can do this over the phone or in person but you should opt for phone because it is more efficient and lot faster.

The post office

UK post officeUntil you change your address with certain businesses and organizations, it is recommended that you provide new contact information to the post office. This will ensure that your mail arrives at your new place, not the former address. You can also update your address online, but it is probably a good idea to go in person in case they need some additional papers or other information.


It is your duty to notify your employer about your removal. If you commute and have additional benefit for travel expenses, you have to keep traveling route updated. Also, you will make sure you receive important parpers like tax or insurance documents on time. If you are moving to another country, for example, and changing job, you will need to provide new address, but you cannot do that until you cancel your old one.


Banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, lenders and other money-related organizations should have your new address in case they need to contact you or send you some delicate documentation.

Education and health providers

Education and health service providers should be one of top priorities when notifying about your removal. Schools, medical insurance companies and other related individuals and organizations need to be informed about the change of your address.

The government

As far the government is concerned, you need to update your voter registration information so that you are able to vote in your new district. If you do not do this, you will not be listed as a voter in your new place. Also, the information on your driver’s licence must be updated. Check with your local car department because the laws concerning changing license vary by state or district.

Family and friends

Your friends and family probably know you are moving but it is a good idea to provide them with a new address for emergency purposes or just when sending a Christmas card. Make sure you send them an email or a text message as soon as possible.

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Kim Jacobs is a removals coordinator with over 11 years of experience as part of the Get man and van team and other firms in the home and office relocation industry in London. Before joining our company, Kim has worked in various logistical and transportation companies and institutions such as Transport for London, The Removals Ombudsman, and has coordinated moving projects with some of the biggest suppliers of various goods such as IKEA, HomeBase, Amazon, Sainsbury's and others. While working as a chief removals coordinator, Kim also enjoys sharing her expertise with others through writing in our blog.

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